Amanda Stevens for Jeffco Schools

Jefferson County School District finds itself at a crossroads.  It’s time to stop fighting each other and start fighting for kids.

My experiences as a Jeffco student, a passionate teacher, and a Jeffco parent, prepare me to move us forward to do positive work for students.

I grew up in Jeffco, succeeding in school–a good kid attending good schools.  I earned recognition as a National Merit Honorable Mention.  However, I was disconnected, and I struggled to advocate for the support I needed.  I left school and earned a GED.

I worked my way through college with some help from my parents, then earned a Master of Education and became a teacher, because I wanted to make sure no more kids slipped through the cracks.  Teaching is joyful, relentless work.  I know firsthand the demands teachers face, the tools and support they need, and the uncompromising commitment they make to their students.  Now, as a parent advocate, I’ve demonstrated my value and my focus on doing what’s best for kids.

When it came time to send my own children to Jeffco’s schools, the recession had created a funding crisis.  I watched Jeffco come together to do the right thing for kids.  I volunteered in that effort and met so many proud Jeffco residents who made it their business to support our schools and our kids.  Since that time, I’ve worked for all students’ success as a chairperson of our school accountability team, bringing staff and families together to move our students forward.  I’m so proud of the trust and hard work I see from all sides–parents, teachers, support staff, and leadership–committed to preparing all students for success.

When I think about Jeffco today, I see beyond the turmoil to the district’s track record of excellence.  More importantly, I see my children, and all Jeffco kids, each one with singular strengths, gifts, and challenges.

The best gift we can give to our kids is a strong education.  They deserve it.  It will take a devotion to excellence, transparency, and cooperation.  I am excited to support Jeffco students so each child is ready to confidently follow—or trail blaze—whatever path they choose.  Together, let’s reach beyond good intentions to excellent outcomes for all our kids.

I invite you to join me as we turn the page for Jeffco.

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