Jeffco Schools Budget Direction 2015-16

When constituents and expert advice speak with strong clarity and unity, leaders listen. I believe now is the time for the Jeffco school board to move forward with investments in teacher compensation and COPs.

Colorado’s economy is booming, but our schools’ budgets are still bleeding. My children, and many others, have never known a fully funded school.

Jeffco’s Board of Education did not create this problem, but it is their responsibility to act to address it in the best interests of all Jeffco students. When I win a seat on the Jeffco school board, I will

  • value the voice of educators, expert advice, and community members in decisions
  • protect a role for JCEA in solving the challenges Jeffco faces
  • prioritize first and highest all students’ best interests

There is strong support that the necessary way forward is for the board to approve the issuance of COPs to address immediate facilities needs, then use available budget to further buttress reserves and address the $27 million a year debt the district owes its teachers, who sacrificed through years of voluntary pay cuts and pay freezes during the Great Recession.

At a recent school board meeting, the Superintendent, the Chief Operations Officer, Cabinet Leadership, the Financial Oversight Committee, the Capital Asset Advisory Committee, and the community’s budget input all expressed support of this action.

Now is not the time to make any political issue or personal preference take precedence over the needs of Jeffco students. Jeffco doesn’t need stubbornness from its board members but stamina and courage–to listen, learn, then invest in our schools, our educators, and our future.

You can make a difference for all Jeffco students. Please donate to my campaign today, and sign up to stay connected to my efforts.

You can also read my public comments from last night here.

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