Clean Slate for Jeffco Kids

My campaign to serve a four-year term for Excellence, Transparency, and Cooperation on the Jeffco School Board has been in full swing for 4 months. For the final weeks of my campaign, I am excited to partner with four other stellar school board candidates who I am convinced share my commitment to honoring all community voices and serving all students.

I launched my effort for the District 4 seat on Jeffco’s Board of Education long before a recall campaign began. Now as then, I am prepared to serve with whomever sits at the table with me working in students’ best interests. From the beginning, I spent long hours exploring some of the common ground that I could build on with our current board majority. Collaboration has always been a core value of my campaign.

I am thankful that Jeffco has new pathways forward for our schools’ and students’ success. After the controversy and loss of trust of the past couple years, our team brings fresh, diverse perspectives and backgrounds with a unified commitment to serve Jeffco in a nonpartisan way.

It was a tough decision for me to join a slate. I am a lifelong unaffiliated voter whose parents would sit at the kitchen table with their blue books and joke about their votes cancelling each other’s out. I come by my independence honestly, and I know no side of the political aisle has a corner on the truth.

I was ultimately convinced to join the Clean Slate for Jeffco Kids as I spent time in conversation with the other candidates, learning about their expertise, personal histories, and honest examination of the strengths and shortcomings in Jeffco’s schools. If we serve together, you can expect hearty debate around compensation, testing and accountability, and of course how best to provide direction around limited funding each year. You can also count on our laser-like focus on all Jeffco students. I look forward to disagreeing without discord, and successfully building long-term, durable solutions for our school district by listening respectfully to all community and stakeholder voices.

I am excited as a Jeffco parent and a candidate about the strong candidates with whom I am partnering for the final push of my campaign. Learn more about them, and you will be as excited as I am!


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