Money Matters

Money matters. It is a tool, but who wields it and for what end makes all the difference.

Students in Colorado continue to fall far below the national average in K12 funding. Since the Recession, $1,000 per child per year has been withheld from their education, with no solution on the table and further cuts coming. In a booming economy, this is nonsensical and inexcusable. Families, schools, and districts are faced with impossible either/or decisions that shortchange children and all of us. We can do better.


What might we provide for students if we worked together to close Colorado’s funding gap?

  • Reading and math interventionists for increased academic achievement
  • Science labs for hands on learning
  • Graduation requirements that match our state college entrance requirements
  • Greater access to vocational/technical learning pathways, 21st century technology tools, and arts enrichment in all schools
  • Affordable high quality early childhood education for all families

What might we lose if we don’t find the will to do right by our children?

  • World language graduation requirement (Jeffco had to cut this temporarily a few years ago; thankfully we got it back, but things really do go away in tough times.)
  • Adequate numbers of teachers, teacher-librarians, counselors, principals, and instructional coaches
  • Increased student-based budgeting dollars for flexible, wise investment to meet specific school community needs
  • More and more teachers lost to Boulder, Denver, and other districts who are choosing to spend more to support children in K12 education

A little good news: Colorado was recognized as the second most effective and efficient education system in the nation, though our safety ranking was an abysmal 47th.

Jeffco has a vital challenge before it in this November’s school board election. We will choose between public education as the great equalizer it has always been or a path to privatized education that sorts students better than it serves them. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent by the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity and maybe others to send mailers and broadcast commercials in support of a board majority that cares more about outside agendas than our children and community.

Can you make a donation to my campaign to help me reach the voters who will decide this critical election?

Will you commit to volunteering at least once to knock on doors or make phone calls with my campaign? Please email my campaign manager at

Will you have one conversation everyday with a neighbor, a friend, a person in line with you at the grocery store–anyone you can–about this school board election?

We can be the ark our schools and children need to save our community from this flood of outside money, but it will take all of us! I have confidence in Jeffco. We are the right people for our kids, and I’m excited for the whole nation to know it!

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