Gratitude and Growth Mindset on Election Day!


I have spent the last 6 months working for today, and my life developing my vocation as a public education advocate. But today is not about me; it never has been. It has always been about the kids and this amazing community! Thank you for unifying around the work our students deserve – Excellence, Transparency, and Cooperation focused on supporting all students in becoming whole-hearted, thriving people, ready to rock their futures as learners, earners, and citizens. I’m so impressed and utterly thankful for ALL of YOU!

For us, it’s about being one link in a strong chain pulling for the success of all students. Thank you!

It’s about my two children and 86,000 students and the teachers we entrust them to everyday, expecting them to bring their best teaching so our kids can do their best learning. Thank you!

It’s about the family with 4 generations of Jeffco grads advocating to make sure students, not politics, are the business of our school board. Thank you!

It’s about the 88-year-old retired teacher who spent his life inspiring his students, including the Clean Slate’s very own Ron Mitchell, who then dedicated 40 years and counting of his life to Jeffco schools and students. It was something special to talk to someone with a commitment to our community that stretches that long and goes that deep, and there are many more like him. Thank you!

For us, it’s about THIS community – chock full of parents and grandparents, homeowners and business owners, taxpayers and educators, rallying for nonpartisan service in students’ best interests. Thank you!

Today, I say THANK YOU to all of you! You have brought passion and information, time and energy, vision and shoe leather to my campaign. I recognize your effort, like mine, is because you believe deeply that we must protect and invest in world-class public education for our kids and community. There is real work to do to make sure the best learning, opportunities, and relationships are available to all our students in all our schools.

If you’ve left that one final step undone, drop everything right now, fill out your ballot, and turn it in. Because now we don’t count teacher turnover rates, dark money spent by outside interest groups, or harmful decisions made at the school board. Now we count the votes.

I don’t know how this election will turn out. Who could guess, with all the money and media attention, proxies and politics? However, I am certain Jeffco will still be standing tomorrow, and kids will show up for school. Whoever wins this must be ready to do the work of reconciliation not revenge. No one at the school board may ignore those with whom they disagree. The language of enemies and opposition must be replaced by respect and bridge-building. It will be hard, but we know the harm that comes from division, unilateralism, and extreme agendas.

So in addition to my deep gratitude, I leave you with the power of a Growth Mindset. When we think something is fixed – our intelligence, our list of allies and enemies, our goals – we lock ourselves in and hurt our effectiveness. When we recognize that our minds, hearts, and aims are all works in progress, we give them room to grow. Whatever the results of today’s election, let’s commit to each other we will support a Growth Mindset in Jeffco. By doing so, we will LISTEN better, UNIFY faster, and RESIST longer the influence of extreme agendas and outside money. For all students and for world-class public education, let’s start. Today.


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