Amanda Stevens

Amanda’s Half Marathon Post-Race Video

Each and every Jeffco student deserves all our effort to provide educational excellence.

Their journeys will not all look the same; each will be as unique and individual as the students themselves. May our focus be on them. May Jeffco swiftly find a way out of conflict and controversy and back to a united, tireless effort to serve all students. Running this race was a symbol of the strength and stamina I will show the Jeffco community when I win a seat on Jeffco’s school board.

Thank you for supporting my half marathon fundraiser; I hope you enjoy my post-race video! Please donate to my campaign so I can successfully finish my race for the Jeffco Board of Education.

Amanda for Jeffco Schools Half Marathon Fundraiser

Amanda is running 13.1 miles in honor of the 13-year journey all Jeffco students make, kindergarten to senior year. Pledge in honor of your most treasured year–perhaps because you have a special person or memory that matters to you. Please click here to donate, and include in the space provided information on the year and person or memory you want mentioned in the post-race video. To make a bigger impact, become a race sponsor and donate a chosen amount X 13–for every mile she travels!

Amanda is donating in honor of kindergarten, since her daughter just became a reader this year as a kindergartener. She is also donating in honor of 5th grade, the year of instrumental music and “Growing and Changing”–and all the growing up her son will do next year as a 5th grader. Finally, she is including a 4th grade donation in honor of Mrs. O’Day who made a difference 30 years ago in Amanda’s life that sticks with her today.

Colby Hansen Endorses Amanda Stevens

Colby Hansen, a Jeffco graduate, resident and educator, endorses Amanda Stevens for Jeffco Schools Board of Education.  Watch this video below, created by Colby himself, in which he relays a passion for literature, and life, and beauty, and truth.  Education is a profession and also so much more.

Thank you, Colby.

Campaign Kick-off Video

Watch some selected clips from our Campaign Kick-off held at 240 Union Restaurant.  It was a packed venue with standing room only.  What a fantastic turn-out!