“Amanda Stevens is the best person to guide the important decisions made by the Jeffco Board of Education. Rather than being political, Amanda has the desire, passion and background to make a real difference for Jeffco’s 85,000 students. We all would be fortunate to have her serve on the School Board.”  -Chris Johnson, Jeffco Schools Financial Oversight Committee, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Grad

“I have known Amanda for years as a parent and an advocate for our children. She is passionate about ensuring a great education for our kids in a safe learning environment. I have seen her come up with unique solutions to problems the school and the district have faced, with the children always in the center. Her experience as a teacher provides a unique perspective and one that can create a bridge between the schools and the board. I can think of no one who I would rather have on the Jefferson County School Board- a dedicated, passionate parent and teacher devoted to finding a path for our kids.”  -Jennifer Ziouras, M.D., Jeffco Parent

“Jefferson County Schools has been a district of strong commendations among our nation’s school districts. Maintaining a district of this caliber requires passionate, focused and driven leadership, with students at the heart of all decisions. Amanda Stevens is well suited to be such a leader, on the Jeffco School Board. I have witnessed her laser-like focus when pondering critical Jeffco challenges. Amanda’s ability to prepare, articulate, and present a thoughtful position is remarkable. Her core values of Excellence, Transparency, and Cooperation will be a benefit of immense magnitude to Jeffco’s students, parents, teachers and staff, and the county in its entirety. Amanda Stevens has my full support in her quest to be a Jeffco School Board member.”  -Tammy Story, Jeffco Strategic Planning Advisory Committee, Mountain Area Co-chair 2012 Mill/Bond, Jeffco Parent of Grads

“As a semi-retired, “Senior Citizen” having lived in JEFFCO for over thirty years, I have seen my three kids matriculate through the JEFFCO schools receiving the strong educational foundation necessary for a successful life and career. Now, with two grand-kids in the district, it is critical for me to see our district continue to be ranked among the very top schools in the nation. It is essential that we continue to have a strong voice on the board with a sound and proven commitment to Excellence, Transparency and Cooperation focused on the success of our JEFFCO students for many years to come. I strongly believe that Amanda Stevens is that person. During my years as Chairman of the Strategic Planning & Advisory Council & District Accountability Committee (DAC), I had the opportunity to work closely with both district and citizen leaders within our community who have a commitment to the success of our students. During her tenure with this group, Amanda has quickly shown the strength and commitment of her will to assure that our district continues to be a leader in education excellence.”  -Bill Bottoms, Jeffco Strategic Planning Advisory Committee Member and Past Chair, Jeffco Grandparent

“As an involved parent and community member, I am very concerned with and have a large stake in what happens in our district, including the apparent move towards unnecessarily “reforming” our district with our history of excellence. Having been fortunate to witness Amanda’s passion in action while lobbying for statewide education issues at our capital, I can attest to her wealth of knowledge on education from multiple viewpoints as a teacher/parent/community member, and her innate ability to listen to all perspectives. She possesses the ability to eloquently present arguments, concerns, and positions respectfully. I wholeheartedly believe Amanda will be the reasonable, rational and above all, benevolent voice our children and community deserve to have on the Jeffco School Board.”  -Katrina Prill, Jeffco Parent

“I love Jeffco and my schools for the community. I love knowing my teachers, my principal, my counselors, even the facilities manager–all the people who make my children’s experiences rich. I love the parents, grandparents, neighbors, local businesses, elected officials, volunteers, and just plain “extra” people who care and share their time, resources, passion and expertise to make my schools stronger. Amanda embraces community and understands how broad perspective can make Jeffco stronger.”  -Kelly Johnson, Jeffco Parent, 2012 Mill/Bond Co-chair

“Amanda Stevens is a passionate and effective advocate for Jeffco kids. She is deeply invested in using the most effective tools and methods possible to improve student outcomes.”  -Dan Hutchings, Jeffco Parent

“We believe Amanda Stevens is more than qualified to serve on the Jeffco Schools Board of Education. As a teacher and a Jeffco parent, her knowledge of our children’s educational needs runs deep. Vote for Amanda to bring the focus of the Jeffco BOE back to our kids.”  -Devin and Jennifer Granbery, Jeffco Parents

“In thirteen years of teaching in Jeffco, I’ve invested in over 300 families, and they’ve invested in me. In the next twenty-seven years, I hope to invest in 700 more Jeffco families. I believe Amanda Stevens will protect this investment.”  -Colby Hansen, Educator, Jeffco Resident

“In the years I have worked with Amanda Stevens as a school volunteer, I have been impressed not only with her own multiple points of view, but her consideration of others’ perspectives. Amanda is a thinker– this is a lady who really listens to what you have to say, does her own research, and forms action plans. I trust Amanda Stevens will work to make our schools even better places.”  -Tori Rommel, Jeffco Parent, Educator

“I am a proud product of public schools, as is my husband, and we believe in the value of strong public schools. They are truly the backbone of a successful community and society. Amanda will serve our kids and our schools well, because I know serving our community in this way is her passion. She’s articulate, an educator, and a parent–all qualities that will make her great in this role.”  -Tina Gurdikian, Jeffco Parent

“Amanda Stevens is exactly the kind of person I would want representing our community on the Jeffco Board of Education. I know that she has a deep understanding of the perspectives of parents, students, and teachers. I trust her to be the kind of informed, thoughtful, and caring board member that will sincerely and passionately fight for the best interests of our community.”  -Rachael Hutchings, Jeffco Parent

“I am a Jeffco parent, community member, and taxpayer. I am a proud Jeffco grad. I have watched the happenings in this district closely since the new board majority was elected in 2013 and I am fearful of the future direction of this great district. I believe Amanda Stevens is ready to listen to the community and work for what’s best for all students in Jeffco.”  -Darcie Weiser, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Grad

“I am a parent and teacher in Jeffco. I have wanted to be a teacher since 5th grade, and my dream came true in this wonderful district. I know my kids are in wonderful hands in their school while I can pursue my dream–a win-win. This district is strong. Amanda is going to bring us back to that greatness.”  -Carolyn Wolfrum, Jeffco Parent & Educator

“The mission of Jeffco Schools is to provide a quality education that prepares all children for a successful future. Amanda Stevens’ commitment to excellence, transparency, and cooperation can get us there. She listens to the community and seeks common ground to find a way forward in the best interest of all students.”  -Lesley Dahlkemper, Jefferson County School Board, Jeffco Parent

Lauren Ambrozic, Jeffco Parent, Healthcare Consultant

Tami Bandimere-Shrader, Bandimere Speedway

Cindy Baroway, Lakewood City Councilor

Annie Bitsie, Jeffco Parent

Bill and Mary Jane Bolton, Parents of Jeffco Grads, Jeffco Grandparents

Suzanne Bolton, Jeffco Grad, Parent of Jeffco Grads, Jeffco Grandparent

Lorraine Bowen, Retired Jeffco Teacher

Betty Boyd, Former CO State Senator

Bill Bottoms, Jeffco Strategic Planning Advisory Committee

Kurt Braginetz, Retired Jeffco Principal, Jeffco Grad

Val Braginetz, Retired Jeffco Principal, Jeffco Grad

Kimberly Brock, Jeffco Parent

Brenda Bronson, Jeffco Resident

Anne Burkholder, Civic Leader, Cochair Parent Child Home Program

Steve Burkholder, Former Lakewood Mayor

Gordon Calahan, Jeffco Schools Capital Asset Advisory & Financial Oversight Committees, Owner of Calahan Construction

Liz Carroll, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Grad

Ron Castagna, Former Lakewood HS Principal

Margaret Chapman, Jeffco Resident

Ann Cowie-Bozner, Community Advocate for Public Education

Lesley Dahlkemper, Jefferson County School Board, Jeffco Parent

Jesse Danielson, CO State Representative

Judy Denison, Jeffco Resident

Denver Metro Association of Realtors endorsement

Jerry DiTullio, Former Wheat Ridge Mayor, Current Wheat Ridge City Council Member

Monica Duran, Wheat Ridge Fire Protection Board, Jefferson Center for Mental Health Board, Member – Latino Initiative for Jefferson County

Patty Dwyer, Educator

Jim Earley, Jeffco Strategic Planning Advisory Committee, Jeffco Parent

Mike Feeley, Former CO Senate Minority Leader, Jeffco Parent

Jill Fellman, Jefferson County School Board

Ken Fellman, Former Arvada Mayor

David Fleck, Edgewater City Council, Jeffco Parent

Jane Goff, Colorado State Board of Education

Jennifer Granbery, Jeffco Parent

Bob Gurdikian, Jeffco Parent

Tina Gurdikian, Jeffco Parent

Deanna Hanna, Former CO Senator

Colby Hansen, Educator, Jeffco Resident

Ginger Hansen, Retired Educator, Jeffco Parent of Grads, Jeffco Grandparent

Karen Harrison, Jeffco Resident

Nicole Head, Strategic Planning Advisory Committee, Jeffco Parent

Lorie Hirose, Former Jeffco Schools Media Production Specialist, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Grad

Meg Wrenn Hollingsworth, Jeffco Parent

Evie Hudak, Former CO State Senator, Former Member CO State Board of Education, former CO PTA Board of Directors

Jeffco Students for Change endorsement

Jeffco United endorsement

Jefferson Classified School Employee Association recommendation

Jefferson County Education Association recommendation

Chris Johnson, Jeffco Schools Financial Oversight Committee, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Grad

Kelly Johnson, 2012 Mill/Bond Co-Chair, Jeffco Parent

Marv Kay, Jeffco Schools Capital Asset Oversight Committee/Former Mayor of Golden/Professor Emeritus, Colorado School of Mines, Jeffco Grandparent

Chris Kennedy, Candidate for CO House District 23

Andy Kerr, CO State Senator, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Educator

Sue King, Former Lakewood City Council

Jeff Kirk, Colorado Father of the Year 2013, Jeffco Parent

Rev. Mike Klassen, Former Local Pastor, Small Business Owner

Scott Koop, Lakewood City Councilor

Tracy Kraft-Tharp, CO State Representative

Pam Krotz, Jeffco Parent

Jeff Lamontagne, Co-Founder – Second Wind Fund, Past President – Jeffco Schools Foundation, Jeffco Parent

Charlie Lorenzen, Educator, Jeffco Parent of Grads

Sue Marinelli, Former Jeffco School Board Member, Former Educator

Bill Marino, Chair – 40 West Arts District

Dick Matthews, Wheat Ridge Community Activist

Robin McDonald, Jeffco Resident, Educator

Lori McGregor, Colorado Rockies Foundation Board, Co-Chair – 2004 Mill/Bond, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Grad

Bonnie McNulty, Edgewater Mayor

Jill Monroe, Jeffco Parent, Educator

Jeanne Montgomery, Jeffco Resident

Marta Murray, Community Leader, Jeffco Grandparent, Jeffco Grad

Tom Murray, Community Leader, Jeffco Grandparent, Jeffco Grad

Joel Neymark, Jeffco Resident

Jeanne Nicholson, Former CO State Senator

Debra Oberbeck, Former Jeffco School Board Member

Mary Parker, Small Business Owner, Jeffco Resident

Hereford Percy, Former Jeffco School Board Member, Current Member Past Chair CO Commission on Higher Education

Congressman Ed Perlmutter, Jeffco Grad, Parent of Jeffco Grads

Cynthia Perry, Co-Founder – Compass Montessori, Leadership Golden Alum, Jeffco Parent

Congressman Jared Polis

Bret Poole, Jeffco Schools Capital Asset Oversight Committee, Commercial Real Estate Appraiser – Alpine Bank, Jeffco Parent

Doug Powell, Jeffco Grandparent

Gwen Powell, Jeffco Grandparent

Rev. Curtis Preston, Local Church Pastor, Jeffco Parent

Danielle Johns Preston, Jeffco Parent

Tom Quinn, Lakewood City Councilor

Linda Rockwell, Jeffco Resident

Al Rodriguez, Former Jeffco Community Diversity Advisory Council, Former Strategic Planning Advisory Committee

Kristopher Sage, Jeffco Resident

Hon. Sue Schafer, Former CO State Representative

Tim Schuetz, Jeffco Parent

Shakti, Lakewood City Councilor

Ron Slinger, former Gilpin RE-1 School Board Member

Jacob Smith, Former Golden Mayor

Michael Snow, Former Wheat Ridge City Clerk, Jeffco Grad

Kathleen Stapleton, Former Lakewood City Councilor, Former Chair Senior Resource Center

Eric Stevens

Tammy Story, Jeffco Strategic Planning Advisory Committee, Mountain Area Co-chair 2012 Mill/Bond, Jeffco Parent of Grads

Terri Straut, Jeffco Resident, Jeffco Parent

Siobhan Sullivan, Jeffco Parent

Support Jeffco Kids endorsement

Kristian Teegardin, Edgewater City Council

Susan Thornton, former Littleton Mayor

Casey Tighe, Jefferson County Commissioner

Kiki Traylor, M.D., former CO State Senator

Max Tyler, CO State Representative

George Valuck, Jeffco Resident

Spud Van de Water, Jeffco Resident, Retired Educational Policy Professional

Tom Walker, Jeffco Resident

Barb Wampler, Jeffco Realtor

Darcie Weiser, Jeffco Grad, Jeffco Parent

Peter Weiser, Jeffco Parent

Bob West, Jeffco Schools Financial Oversight Committee, Jeffco Grandparent

Carolyn Wolfrum, Jeffco Parent, Educator

Darcy Wood, Jeffco Parent, Educator, Pastor

Bob Zachman, Retired Music Educator, Co-president Jefferson County Retired School Employees Association

Rachel Zenzinger, former CO State Representative, Jeffco Parent, Educator


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