What Amanda Stands For

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Core Values:

Excellence:  We want all Jeffco students to be prepared to succeed in whatever path they choose in life.  This requires schools and classrooms that deliver depth in knowledge and skills, breadth in opportunities, and individualized attention with each student’s unique gifts and needs in mind.  If we can work together for kids, we can sustain transformational, enduring education communities in every neighborhood in Jeffco. (Read more here, here, and here.)

Transparency:  Public schools are the public’s business.  In order to make the most of taxpayers’ investment in Jeffco’s students–Jeffco’s future–transparency and accountability must be practiced and protected.  We must improve student learning outcomes, invest equitably in our schools, and listen to the Jeffco community. (Read more here.)

Cooperation:  In order to experiment and take risks—try, fall short, and try again—students need to feel safe.  Kids breathe in the air we breathe out.  Jeffco has a long tradition of collaboration and mutual respect.  We must actively listen to the Jeffco community–families, educators, and citizens–in order to effectively and efficiently prepare students and manage schools. (Read more here.)

Core Commitments:

  • Every student deserves high academic standards, effective & well-supported teachers, and robust curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, so that they are prepared to confidently launch into life after Jeffco schools.
  • Every student deserves to be treated as a whole person, with intellectual, social, and emotional needs and gifts.
  • Every student deserves a safe, positive school climate that values each of them as a community asset and co-creator of our community.
  • Every student deserves an education that develops engagement, strong work habits, teamwork, goal-attainment, and problem-solving skills, to become independent contributors in their personal, work, and civic lives.
  • Every student deserves a classroom equipped with the technologies and tools necessary to build 21st century proficiencies.
  • Every student deserves the united efforts of teachers, families, and district & community leaders—and it’s time for politics to take a back seat to student success.

Core Promises:

If elected, I will focus on the best interests of students.

If elected, I will purposefully listen and make myself available for conversation with community members.

If elected, I will visit schools to learn about the celebrations and needs of Jeffco students.

If elected, I will attend business and civic events regularly so that I can help connect the builders of today to the builders of tomorrow.

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